This week brings TWO mini blog posts with production updates.

Written by Alex Raun, February 22, 2017

 Last Friday, the lumber came in for the Sorcerer set, and the lighting design has been finalized! With build and lights underway now, be looking out for potential sneak peaks at the set in the coming weeks. Additionally, the Sorcerer cast and staff have been busy at rehearsals! Check out this video from last week’s orchestra rehearsal. While Johnnie conducts, Yuki Koide ‘17 is working on the challenging skill of playing her instrument while spinning in an office chair!

In non-Sorcerer news, our very own HRG&SP alumnus, John Lithgow, just signed on to perform in Pitch Perfect 3!! Check out more details here. Will he be as aca-awesome as he was as Winston Churchill in The Crown? Will he be better than he was as King Paramount the First in the 1964 HRG&SP production of Utopia, Limited? We can’t wait to find out!


Written by Kat Zhou, March 1, 2017

screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-2-20-57-pmThis past Sunday was Sitzprobe, the very first time the orchestra and cast get together to sing and play through the entire show. With snacks galore and the occasional Oscars update, we had a wonderful time with the music, though music director Johnnie Han ‘18 had some minor critiques for Sullivan. It was incredible to start to see the show come together, and I can’t wait to see what it will look like on stage.

Meanwhile in the basement of the Agassiz, the staff of The Sorcerer is hard at work building, sewing, and crafting the numerous stage elements that will make up the Midwestern town in which our production is set. Wary of my clumsy propensity to spill paint on Elizabeth Pattyn’s hard work, I assisted technical director Katie Polik ‘18, adding on to the growing pile of flats in the corner of the shop.

Just last night, I stopped by a rehearsal, and Nathaniel Brodsky ‘18’s stage directions were so uproariously funny that they had Elena Sokoloski ’18 and me cracking up in the corner. We could only imagine how hysterical they’ll be when played out on stage!

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