The HRG&SP Board of Directors is a group of ten to fifteen students who run the organization and maintain its continuity from semester to semester. Board members are select the shows, find directors and producers, organize social events, assist in all aspects of the productions, and generate enthusiasm around campus for the organization. All Board members are required to produce an HRG&SP production during their time at Harvard. Click here for a list of past board members.

The Current HRG&SP Board of Directors

A composite of photos of the 14 members of the HRG&SP Spring 2021 Board of Directors.
The Spring 2021 Board of Directors.

Clarissa R. Briasco-Stewart ’24, President

Emma C. Kay ’23, Secretary

Benjamin J. Porteous ’22, Treasurer

Olympia M. A. Hatzilambrou ’24, Historian

Amanda S. Gonzalez-Piloto ’21

Ben A. S. K. Topa ’22

Oliver L. Riskin-Kutz ’22

Ruth H. M. Jaensubhakij ’22

Ria Dhull ’23

Nadine A. Jackson ’23

Jasmyne B. Roberts ’24

Sophie Kim ’24

Madi L. Fabber ’22

Abigail R. White ’24