The HRG&SP Board of Directors is a group of ten to fifteen students who run the organization and help maintain continuity from semester to semester. Board members are responsible for selecting the shows, running director, and producer searches, organizing social events, remaining heavily involved in the productions, and generating enthusiasm around campus for the organization. Additionally, all Board members are required to produce an HRG&SP production during their time at Harvard. Click here for a list of past board members.

The Current HRG&SP Board of Directors


Richard S. Tong ’19, President

Arianna N. Paz ’19, Secretary

Isabella M. Kopits ’20, Co-Treasurer

Sabrina A. Richert ’20, Co-Treasurer

Edward A. Sanger ’19, Historian

Michaela J. Kane ’18

Peryn E.A. Reeves-Darby ’18

Elena D. Sokoloski ’18

Aaron A. G. Slipper ’18

Sunny M. Levine ’20

Abraham E. Rebollo ’20


_MG_6517Board members, old and new.