Cast Details:
Typically our casts consist of twenty people: eight named roles and a dozen choristers. The cast is usually split evenly between men and women. We always need multiple sopranos, altos, tenors, baritones and basses. Most G&S shows are similar in terms of what voice parts match up with what dramatic roles — click here for information about the usual voice part breakdown and imagine what parts you might play!

Casting for HRG&SP productions takes place through the HRDC’s Common Casting. Common Casting happens twice a year, at the beginning of each academic semester. The process is explained in great detail on the HRDC website.

We always provide our auditioners with a side (a selection of dialogue from the show) to read when they walk in the room. You do not need to prepare a monologue beforehand. But we do ask that you prepare 1-2 minutes of a song of your choice to sing at the audition; any lengthy instrumental introductions should be abbreviated. The song need not come from a G&S show, but we recommend that you choose an excerpt from opera, operetta, other classical music, or certain varieties of musical theatre that will give us a sense of your vocal range and ability to project. We also recommend bringing a vocal score of your excerpt, in order to be able to sing accompanied, although this isn’t strictly necessary.

Callbacks are held in the days immediately following Common Casting. More information about callbacks and cast lists will be given to you when you audition.