Being on staff for HRG&SP is a great chance to learn about technical theater while working with experienced technicians. Most staff positions are available just by contacting the producers of the current show (email the president to find out who they are). You can also use our tech email to get in touch!

The following are staff positions that we need filled for every production by creative, dedicated people!


Set designer
Lighting designer
Costume designer (and assistants)
Props designer
Program designer
Poster designer
Technical director (and assistants)
Master painter
Light operator
Production Management:
Stage manager (and assistant)
Publicity director
House manager
Ticket manager

If you wish to be on senior staff, comprised of the producers and the directors, it is necessary to apply to the Board or apply to direct. If you are interested in applying to direct or music direct, please contact the president. The selection process for the fall show takes place the previous April, and the spring show selection process begins in November. Both Harvard and non-Harvard affiliates are welcome and encouraged to apply.