The Pirates of Penzance 

Music by Sir Arthur Sullivan
Libretto by William S. Gilbert
Stage directed by Patrick Cressler
Music directed by Mateo Lincoln
Produced by Ned Sanger, Aaron Slipper, and Richard Tong


Friday, October 27 at 8PM (Creative Black Tie Opening)
Saturday, October 28 at 2PM
Saturday, October 28 at 8PM
Sunday, October 29 at 2PM
Thursday, November 2 at 8PM (Free with HUID)
Friday, November 3 at 8PM
Saturday, November 4 at 2PM (Milk & Cookies Matinee)
Saturday, November 4 at 8PM (Alumni Night)
Sunday, November 5 at 2PM

About the Show

The Harvard-Radcliffe Gilbert and Sullivan Players’ Fall 2017 production tells the story of the Pirates of Penzance in the mobster scene of 1940s New York. On the shores of Coney Island, a group of mobsters celebrates Frederic, a young gang member whose debt to the Mob Boss is almost over. He plans on leaving the mafia and tells the mobsters that, when he is gone, he will work to destroy them. Later, Frederic meets Mabel, a young, beautiful lady, and daughter of the Major-General, and asks her to marry him. The operetta then follows Frederic’s struggle between duty to the mafia and duty to his own ideals, with appearances from and altercations among the mobsters, police, daughters, and Major-General.


Frederic … Sam Rosner
Mabel … Arianna Paz
Ruth  … Anna Schuliger
Pirate King … Ryan Kapur
Modern Major General … Aaron Slipper
Sergeant of Police … Ben Grimm
Samuel … Norman Storer
Edith … Amanda Gonzalez-Piloto
Kate … Lucy Devine
Isabel … Ida Paul
Ensemble … Abraham Rebollo, Alexandra Upton, Gillian Hess, Mike Shirek, Olea Nickitina, Robert Boborov, Sam Guillemette, Sunny Levine


Stage Director … Patrick Cressler
Music Director … Mateo Lincoln
Stage Manager … Maeva O’Brien
Technical Director … Katie Polik
Set Designer … Barra Peak
Master Carpenter … Sabrina Yates
Paint Charges … Allison Law, Sabrina Richert
Lighting Designer … Aaron Olkin
Poster Designer … Susan Li … Poster Designer
Publicity Managers … Isabella Kopits, Rebecca Thau
Orchestra Manager … Sasha Barish
Props Designer … Ekemini Ekpo
Producers … Ned Sanger, Aaron Slipper, Richard Tong