The Pirates of Penzance: or, The Slave of Duty

Stage directed by Chloe E. W. Levine ’22 and music directed by Veronica Leahy ’23
Produced by Madi Fabber ’22, Nadine Jackson ’23, Sophie Kim ’24, and Ellie Powell ’25


Thursday, November 11th at 8pm
Friday, November 12th at 8pm Alumni Reception
Saturday, November 13th at 2pm Milk and Cookies Matinee
Saturday, November 13th at 8pm
Sunday, November 14th at 2pm

Shows will be performed live at the Agassiz Theater in Cambridge, MA. Please note that all audience members will be required to show either 1) HUID, 2) proof of vaccination against COVID-19, or 3) a negative COVID-19 test administered within the previous 72 hours, and all audience members must remained masked for the duration of the show.

About the Show

Having reached the age of twenty-two, Frederick believes that he has finally freed himself from his apprenticeship to a hoard of pirates. Just as he is about to marry his beloved Mabel, the pirates reappear and inform him that his contract requires that he serve until his twenty-second birthday and that, having been born on February 29 in a leap year, he is aged only five. When the pirates turn against Mabel’s father, Frederick must chart a course through choppy waters and save both his future father-in-law and his fellow pirates.

Featuring songs such as “I am the Very Model of the Modern Major General,” “Poor Wand’ring One,” and “I am a Pirate King,” The Pirates of Penzance is a landmark in the history of music, and its popularity cemented Gilbert and Sullivan’s reputation as the greatest comic duo of Victorian England.

Join HRG&SP for our Fall 2021 production of The Pirates of Penzance!


Olympia Hatzilambrou ’24
Max Allison ’25
Asher Chamoy ’25
Matthew Cole ’24
Caitlin Beirne ’24
Robert Taylor Kruse ’23
Andrew Van Camp ’23
Caitlin Paul ’24
Nikita Nair ’24
Evelyn Carr ’25
Abigail White ’24
Samantha O’Connell ’23
Andrew Spielmann ’25
Anna Cambron ’22
Jillian Vogel ’24
Angelica Rosa ’22
Nicholas Fahy ’23
Noah Gold ’22



Assistant Music Director
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Managers

Assistant Stage Director
Technical Director
Assistant Technical Director
Set Designer
Paint Charges

Lighting Designer
Assistant Lighting Designer
Props Designer
Costume Designer
Assistant Costumers

Hair & Makeup Designer
Sound Tech
Orchestra Manager
Poster/Program Designer
Rehearsal Pianist
Build/Paint Crew

Andrew Courtney
DJ Kranchalk
Udochi Emeghara
Lucas Walsh
Sam Dvorak
Eli McGill
Ray Whitney
Mack Webb
Aurora Yin
Nicole Calderon
Clarissa Briasco-Stewart
Phoebe Barr
Em Barnes
Nina Ijomanta
Madison Shirazi
Emi Park Cummings
Peggy Yin
Hunter Gallo
Clair Fu
Nikita Nair
Aiyana White
Kevin Wang
Nicole Calderon
Aurora Yin
Christopher Rivers
Naomi Hegwood


Flute + Piccolo

French Horn



Joanna Lau
Thomas Kaminsky
Nicole Mejía
Catherine Stanton
Kamryn Ohly
Adeline Martin
Nina Chung
Andrew Courtney
Kevin Wang
Henrique Neves
Laurel Barnett
Ari Firester
Jasper Schoff
Harlie Kaligis
Kalos Chu
Harry Sage
Clarissa Briasco-Stewart
Neo Guerrero

The HRG&SP Rewrite Project

Logo designed by Ria Dhull

The HRG&SP Rewrite Project is an opportunity for the Harvard community to create an original comic operetta in the style of Gilbert & Sullivan. The Harvard-Radcliffe Gilbert and Sullivan Players is an institution that has benefited from white supremacy in many ways, such as through the production of shows like “The Mikado,” which marginalizes the experiences and lives of people of color. We want to acknowledge that history and give a voice to people with identities misrepresented or unrepresented by G&S canon, while bringing new, contemporary stories to the stage. 

Two student writers, a librettist and a lyricist, have been chosen to co-write an original libretto, with new lyrics set to existing G&S music. This writing process will take place over the course of two semesters (spring 2021 and summer 2021), and students will be mentored by industry professionals during the spring. 

The written show will be staged in Spring 2022, subject to restrictions from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.