The Sorcerer

Directed by Haley Stark ’25
Music Directed by Hyuntae Choi ’24
Produced by Lucas Walsh ’24, Dora Woodruff ’24, Sofia Chen ’25, Maranatha Paul ’26, and Eliza Zangerl ’26
Stage Managed by Susanna Freudenheim ’25

Thursday, March 23, 7:30 pm (HUID Free)
Friday, March 24, 7:30 pm
Saturday, March 25, 2 pm
Saturday, March 25, 7:30 pm
Sunday, March 26, 2 pm

Shows will be performed live at the Agassiz Theater in Cambridge, MA.

Additional Reception Events

We will hold our Creative Black Tie reception after the show on Thursday, March 23. Everyone in attendance at the show is welcome.

Families and children, please join us after the show on Saturday, March 25, at 2 pm for milk and cookies in the Horner Room.

We will hold our first in-person Victorian Ball since the pandemic after the show on Saturday, March 25, at 7:30 pm. Tickets for this event will be made available separately.

About the Show

Alexis Pointdextre, the son of local baronet Sir Marmaduke, has been married to Aline Sangazure to great celebration. However, several people within his hometown cannot be married due to their need to maintain propriety — Alexis believes that love ought to overcome all class and rank. So, he employs John Wellington Wells, the titular sorcerer, to solve the problem. Wells, with the aid of sprites, demons, imps, ghosts, and other entities, crafts a love potion which he uses on the whole town! This causes many comical romantic mismatches, and after Aline falls in love with someone other than Alexis, he and J.W. Wells must take it upon themselves to reverse the mischievous magical mishaps.

Thank you to our generous patrons for making this show possible!

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Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre
Alexis Pointdextre
Aline Sanguazure
Lady Sanguazure
John Wellington Wells
Dr. Daly
Constance Partlet
Mrs. Partlet

Asher Chamoy ’25
Eileen Tucci ’24
Lauren Xu ’24
Emily Peck ’25
James GaNun ’25
Lucas Pao ’23
Lucy Zheng ’26
Elizabeth Crawford ’26
Aneesha Karwanyun (Berklee)
Linda Wnetrzewska ’26


Assistant Stage Manager
Set Designers

Assistant Set Designer
Technical Director
Lighting Designer
Props Designer
Costume Designer
Hair & Makeup Designer
Graphic Designer
Sound Designer
Social Media Chair
Production Advisor

Julia Dan ’26
Hailey Hurd ’25
Sravya Kuchibhotla ’23
Aurora Yin ’25
Dylan Ragas ’26
Nadine Jackson ’23
Sierra Frisbee ’25
Phoebe Barr ’24
PK Byunn-Rieder ’25
Saint Browder ’25
Bettie Closs ’25
Caren Koh ’24
Lappakorn Jangwanich (Berklee)
Marina Qu ‘2x
Ashley Ferreira ’24
Hunter Gallo ’24





Ari Firester
Harlie Kaligis
Camilo Brown-Pinilla
Camilla de Pourbaix
Elizabeth Bennett
Ellen Hwang
Zach Buller
Laine Roper
Dora Woodruff
Madelyn Mauro
Omar Wahby
Nora Cannizzaro (Boston University)
Easton Singer