The Milk Made; or, The Friend of Anarchy

Libretto by Mira-Rose Kingsbury Lee ’24, Lyrics by LyLena Estabine ’24
Music by Sir Arthur Sullivan
Stage directed by Victoria Gong ’23 and Music directed by Keagan Yap ’25
Produced by Clarissa Briasco-Stewart ’24, Olympia Hatzilambrou ’24, Ian Svetkey ’25, and Abigail White ’24


Thursday, March 24th at 8pm
Friday, March 25th at 8pm Alumni Night Performance
Saturday, March 26th at 2pm Milk and Cookies Matinee*
Saturday, March 26th at 8pm
Sunday, March 27th at 2pm

Shows will be performed live at the Agassiz Theater in Cambridge, MA. Please note that all audience members will be required to show either 1) HUID, or 2) proof of vaccination against COVID-19, and all audience members must remained masked for the duration of the show.

*Reception details are subject to change due to updated COVID-19 guidelines from Harvard College and the Office for the Arts at Harvard

About the Show

In the futuristic world of Chinese-dominated London, a boat worker named Wang Rou dreams of herding goats, an occupation usually reserved for the noble rural families. When her sister falls in love with a noble lady (who is, rather inconveniently, sailing to the Emperor’s palace to be betrothed), Rou joins up with a gang of dairy-loving anarchists to get what she wants – and get her sister married.

Featuring a completely original libretto and lyrics set to beloved Sir Arthur Sullivan music, The Milk Made is the result of the year-long HRG&SP Rewrite Project (see below for details). Our librettist and lyricist have spent months carefully crafting the show as an homage to the creativity and humor of the Gilbert & Sullivan canon, and we can’t wait to share their work with you.

Join HRG&SP for our Spring 2022 production of The Milk Made!


Alina Dong ’23
Caren Koh ’24
Kate Vandermel ’25
Chuck See ’22
Ines Hynett ’23
Michael Yin ’22
Lauren Bhaer ’23
Lauren Xu ’24
Jennifer Su ’24
Lucy He ’23
Christina Li ’25
Julia Paolillo GSE




Assistant Music Director

Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Technical Director
Assistant Technical Director
Set Designers

Paint Charges

Lighting Designer
Assistant Lighting Designer
Costume Designers

Assistant Costumers
Hair & Makeup Designer
Props Designer
Poster/Program Designer
Build/Paint Crew

Hyuntae Choi ’24
Autumn Dorsey ’24
Lucas Walsh ’24
Susanna Freudenheim ’25
Yuen Ler Chow ’25
Evan Howard ’24
Kelly Liu ’25
Aurora Yin ’25
Oliver Cheng ’24
Aurora Yin ’25
Phoebe Barr ’24
Sophia Wang ’25
Ria Dhull ’24
Ryan Golemme ’23
Madison Shirazi ’23
Bettie Closs ’25
Caitlin Paul ’24
Caren Koh ’24
Nicole Calderon ’25
Chris Cantwell ’22






Thomas Kaminsky
Janny Liao
Dora Woodruff
Nicole Mejía
Corinne Chung
Paul Tamburro
Dina Zeldin
Fiona Abney-McPeek
Laurel Barnett
Ari Firester
Justin Xu
Saiajay Chigurupati

The HRG&SP Rewrite Project

Logo designed by Ria Dhull

The HRG&SP Rewrite Project is an opportunity for the Harvard community to create an original comic operetta in the style of Gilbert & Sullivan. The Harvard-Radcliffe Gilbert and Sullivan Players is an institution that has benefited from white supremacy in many ways, such as through the production of shows like “The Mikado,” which marginalizes the experiences and lives of people of color. We want to acknowledge that history and give a voice to people with identities misrepresented or unrepresented by G&S canon, while bringing new, contemporary stories to the stage. 

Two student writers, librettist Mira-Rose Kingsbury Lee and lyricist LyLena Estabine, have co-written an original libretto, with new lyrics set to existing G&S music. This writing process took place over the course of two semesters (spring 2021 and summer 2021), and the students were mentored by industry professionals Amara Brady and Jessica Wu during the spring. The written show is now being staged in Spring 2022, subject to restrictions from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Amara (She/Her/Hers) is a generative artist & cultural dramaturg from Chicago. At the crux of her artistry is uplifting Black women and connecting underserved communities to theatrical experiences. Acting: Abduction (Atlantic Theater Co.), This Is Where We Go (MCC), Bernarda’s Daughters (The Lark), Annie Golden: Broadway Bounty Hunter (Barrington Stage Co.), NYTW, 54 Below, Joe’s Pub & others. She’s a member of Joe Iconis & family. Playwriting: This is Where We Go (MCC), Last Ones First (Crux VR in association with Blair Russell Productions); When We Were gods (Blackboard collective + Kervigo Ensemble); Manic Pixie Dream Girls Aren’t Black (The Parsnip Ship), The Wickedness of Men or Love Songs for the End of the World (MTF + Broadviews on Broadway); inaugural member of the Showdogs playwriting collective, and a member of SHECreates NYC’s Myths and Legends program. Her work has been staged at The Drama League, The Dramatists Guild, Joe’s Pub, and The Wow Cafe Theatre. Producing: Theatre Communications Groups National Conference (2019). NYT’s Critic Pick,Jillian Walker’s SKiNFoLK (Associate Producer). YouTube series, ‘Skinny & White’ Aren’t Character Traits. In This Paper I’ll Explain. Resist, check your privilege, & then give some space to Women of Color & Trans Folx. Ashé to the ancestors. All Power to all people. Website: Instagram: @bradynotthebunch

Jessica Wu is an award-winning NYC-based playwright, director, songwriter, dramaturg, and actor-in-a-past-life. Her performance credits include the Broadway Revivals of Miss Saigon and A Chorus Line and she has crossed the US in a half-dozen National Tours, performed at Shakespeare in the Park, Radio City Music Hall, NYC Opera, Lincoln Center, with numerous Regional theatres, and in late-night sketches with Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert. Jessica has written a number of short-films and theatrical works, including two full-length musicals. “You, Me, I, We” has won several development awards (including The National Asian Artists Project’s Discover: New Musicals Series) and was a Finalist for Live & In Color’s Development Retreat, as well as a semi-finalist for The National Alliance of Musical Theatre’s O’Neill Conference. Upcoming is “Poupelle of Chimney Town”, a new-musical based upon the best-selling Japanese picture book of the same name. Currently in development, it’s slated to debut next season Off-Broadway. Jessica is an adjunct Theatre Professor at American University and has also spent the last several years in Non-Profit Arts Leadership as an Associate Artistic Director. Last fall she founded Inspirate Creative Consulting and Development, a practice dedicated to providing clients with purposeful creative coaching and open-hearted, collaborative development sessions for works in-process.