Selections from Ruddigore; or, The Witch’s Curse

Music directed by Mary Reynolds ’21 (Tufts) and Colton Carter (’21)
Produced by Clarissa Briasco-Stewart ’24, Will Evans ’21, and Ben Topa ’21

Sunday, December 27 at 7 PM (Live Viewing and Talkback)

About the Show

All of the Baronets of Ruddigore are under a terrible curse enacted by a witch long ago–each of the successive Baronets must commit some kind of crime every single day, or else die in agony. Robin Oakapple has been living as a farmer for years, working up the courage to ask the beautiful Rose Maybud for her hand, but he is hiding a secret–he is actually Sir Ruthven, the Baronet of Ruddigore, and has been hiding in disguise while his younger brother Despard assumed the title–and the curse. Betrayed by his foster-brother Richard, Robin is discovered and must take on the responsibility of committing a crime every day in order to appease the curse–and the ghosts of all his ancestors past, who are none too happy with his law-abiding behavior. Robin must somehow find a way to lead the honest life he loves–but how?

Join HRG&SP for our fall 2020 production of Ruddigore!


Brooke Daigle
Ekemini Ekpo
Madi Fabber
Rocket Claman
Alexandra Upton
Morgan Capodilupo
Ruth Jaensubhakij
Jasmyne Roberts
Rachel Share-Sapolsky
Kristen Gilyard
Jillian Vogel
Lauren Xu

Nadine Jackson
Natti Robinson
Sabrina Richert
Colton Carter
Vincent Pan
Ross Simmons
Henry Zumbrunnen
Baihan Zhang
Richard Tong
Sam Guillemette
Ben Porteous


Assistant Music Directors: Raymond Huang, Andrew Nickerson, Autumn Dorsey
Stage Manager: Ria Dhull
Acting Coaches: Ekemini Ekpo, Morgan Capodilupo, Colton Carter, Ria Dhull
Visual Coaches: Morgan Capodilupo, Colton Carter, Ria Dhull, Will Evans
Audio Engineers: Zev Pogrebin, Adam Sewell, Henry Zumbrunnen, Jasmyne Roberts, Dash Chin, Ross Simmons, Mary Reynolds, Clarissa Briasco-Stewart
Video Editors: Sabrina Richert, Richard Tong, Joshua Ng, Clarissa Briasco-Stewart, Baihan Zhang, Nikita Nair, Will Evans
Program & Poster Design: Natti Robinson
Video Titles & Credits: Richard Tong