Another One!

Written by Peryn Reeves-Darby

And we’re back! HRG&SP is up and running after a relaxing winter break filled with anticipation for our next show Yeomen of the Guard; or, the Merryman and his Maid! We got back on campus and jumped right into things. During the first two weeks, we auditioned some of the most talented students on campus and we’re so happy to end up with a cast chock full of them! From Phoebe to Wilfred to the Yeomen, we have a diverse set of voices and actors who are excited to bring one of Gilbert and Sullivan’s most touching pieces to life. Just this weekend we began our dive into this beautiful story with our bi-annual Sing Through. This is the time where everyone in the cast comes together for the first time to meet one another, have some snacks, and sing through the entire show. It’s new, exciting, a little clunky, and always fun! Let’s just say, we can’t wait to see what this show becomes!