Yeomen of the Load-In

Written by Michaela Kane

This past Sunday was quite an eventful one, as the cast and staff of Yeomen came together to load in the set and alights in preparation for the show! We still have nearly 3 weeks until opening, but there’s no time like the present to get ready for our full tech runs after spring break.

Over the course of the day, we finished up build, started on extensive painting, and even hung up a cyc to surround the beautiful Tower of London! I don’t want to spoil things too much for our audience, but look forward to one of the most realistic sets HRG&SP has produced, featuring three-dimensional flagstones.


From left to right: Props Designer Abraham Rebollo, Yeoman Sam Guilemette, and Producer Peryn Reeves-Darby paint a tower flat

Load-In, as always, was a busy and eventful day, but we were graced by the presence of Whiskey – Agassiz Assistant Technical Director Liz Dean’s 9 month-old golden retriever! Nothing like puppy kisses to keep you going during a full day of tech!


From left to right: Dame Carruthers Rachel Share-Sapolsky and Chorus Member Sophie Bauder with Whiskey the dog

We are less than a month away from opening, so be sure to reserve your tickets for Yeomen of the Guard now! We can’t wait to see you all there!

Yeomen Sitzprobe!

Written By Michaela Kane

As a second-time producer and a senior Board member, there are quite a few things I like to think I’ve gotten used to during my time with HRG&SP. Attending weekly Board meetings has become a part of my regular schedule, shop training now takes a half hour at most, and running production meetings is thoroughly ingrained in my psyche as a technical producer. But one thing that changes with every semester, every cast, and every show is the first day the pieces start to fall into place: The Day of Sitz.

Yesterday, the cast and (ye)orchestra came together for the first time and ran through the entirety of Yeomen of the Guard, and like every Sitzprobe, it was just a little bit magical. Not everything was perfect — nothing ever really is in theater — but getting to watch everyone work and stumble and push through together is part of what I think makes being a producer truly rewarding. Under the watchful eyes of our Music Director, Colton Carter, and our orchestra liaison and producer, Elena Sokoloski, the cast and orchestra made it through an entire run of the show, even bringing some to tears with the final, poignant notes of Jack(ie) Point (Rebecca Thau, ‘20).

We can’t wait to see the show only improve from here! We hope to see you at one of our performances coming up just next month:

Friday, March 23 at 8PM (Creative Black Tie Opening)
Saturday, March 24 at 2PM (Milk & Cookies Matinee)
Saturday, March 24 at 8PM
Sunday, March 25 at 2PM
Thursday, March 29 at 8PM (Free with HUID)
Friday, March 30 at 8PM
Saturday, March 31 at 6PM (Alumni Night)
Sunday, April 1 at 2PM

Get your tickets from the Box Office today!