An Update from Yeomen Cast

Written by Sunny Levine

On behalf of the cast of HRG&SP’s production of Yeomen of the Guard, welcome to tech week! Monday was our first rehearsal of tech week and first all-cast rehearsal back from spring break. We donned costumes and did a piano run of the show. The Yeomen team is in the process of cleaning up blocking and choreography for some scenes and numbers, and we’re so excited to be able to share our work with an audience soon! After tonight’s run, cast is feeling especially grateful to our wonderful designers, technicians, and staff, who have worked incredibly hard to help make this show a success. This is my second consecutive semester as part of the cast in a G&S show, and as I’ve settled into the process, I’ve become even more grateful to be working with a team of such rockstars! For most of our cast, it was the first time running numbers on the absolutely gorgeous and complete set, and we were in awe. We can’t wait to open this Friday, and we hope to see you there!