Written by Arianna Paz

Despite the below-freezing temperatures outside, the inside of the Signet Society Mansion was bursting with the spring season for HRG&SP’s annual Spring Tea!  The April snow didn’t stop us from dressing in spring attire and gathering to celebrate a year of two successful productions, old friends, new friends, and great memories! The event featured piles of cookies, scones, and tea sandwiches, as well as the annual hat competition and a toast to our graduating seniors.

On a more personal note, Spring Tea, the last community-wide event on HRG&SP’s calendar, has always been an opportunity for me to reflect on the past year with the company.  Looking back on my junior year, I am constantly in awe of and extremely thankful for the incredible opportunities HRG&SP has given me. In one school year alone, I went from serving as a board member and helping to run an undergraduate theater company to performing Mabel and Phoebe, two vastly different roles in both their character and voice-type.  HRG&SP is truly a special organization, and I can hardly believe that I only have two semesters left here!

To the patrons reading this: it is your generous contributions that make all of this possible! Thank you so much for your continued support to HRG&SP’s and community!

To this year’s graduating class: thank you for all you’ve taught me and the younger members of HRG&SP.  Your energy, passion, and devotion to forming this community means so much to so many people. We’re going to miss you all – be sure to come back and visit us!

While my junior year isn’t quite over yet, I am extremely excited to return to Harvard for my senior fall, ready to produce Patience; or, Bunthorne’s Bride alongside my wonderful colleagues Ned Sanger, Sabrina Richert, and Sunny Levine! A ton of preparation has already gone into this production, and we are so looking forward to bringing the canon’s funniest operetta to Harvard! Don’t miss the show, set to run November 2nd – November 11th in the Agassiz Theater!

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