Written by Peryn Reeves-Darby

Last Saturday, the cast and a few excited staff members all made their way through the slush and the wind to the very first rehearsal of the semester. One by one we filed in. Upperclassman rushed to say “hello” to old friends from past shows, while the nervous freshmen eagerly introduced themselves, excited to make new friends.

After a few moments, our music director, Johnnie Han ‘18, brought the room to attention. With the clearing of with throat, he welcomed us to the sing-through of The Sorcerer. In the next two hours we were going to stumble our way through the entire show. No matter how many times our voices cracked or our faces scrunched as we tried to figure out exactly what note came next, we were going to make it through.

And we did! From “Ring forth ye bells” to “My name is John Wellington Wells” we sang every note and by the time we came to the finale we could all feel the magic in the air. As the final note reached its peak and the room flooded with a celebratory applause, we all looked around and knew that this was going to be an exciting next few months.

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