By Arianna Paz

The fall weather is growing colder, which means we are getting closer and closer to the opening night of this fall’s production of The Mikado! The cast, staff, and orchestra have been busily rehearsing and preparing to bring Las Vegas to the Agassiz Stage in this creative setting for Gilbert and Sullivan’s classic operetta.


In most recent rehearsal news, sitzprobe was this past Sunday night!  The cast and orchestra finally got to rehearse together for the first time under the guidance of this fall’s music director, Sydney Mukasa.  The two groups sounded wonderful together, and the rehearsal went incredibly smoothly.  Stage director Zachary Mallory even joined in on the fun when he grabbed a score and sang along.  It was truly a treat to see that the hard work of both the cast and orchestra has really been paying off!

As rehearsals continue, both groups will be perfecting the patter songs until the curtain rises on October 28th!

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