Our ship has finally docked at the historic Agassiz Theater. Staff members from all departments have been working arduously over the last couple of weeks to prepare for our Load In. As we finally reached started to build in the theater yesterday, the cast and staff came together to assist with many of our large-scale build endeavors. Under the masterful leadership of our technical director, Katie Polik ’18, we were all able to come together and complete the installation of many of these key scenic elements.


For the first time since the Harvard-Radcliffe Gilbert andSullivan Players’ 2012 production of The Mikado, we have once again raked the stage of the Agassiz Theater. Designed by Evan Schueckler ’15, this configuration offers a unique scenic perspective and will surely be something you will not want to miss!

Over the next week, our technical departments will continue to work hard to complete a bulk of their workload before spring break. Katie and our master carpenter, Raymond Ng ’17, will be working on decking the ship to convey a resounding maritime atmosphere. Our brilliant costume team of Julia Thomas ’17 and Katherine Smith ’18, with the assistance of Cassie Lowell ’17, will continue to bring this nautical chicness to life in the actors’ wardrobes. Additionally, Yasmin Yacoby ’19, our lighting designer, will have to refocus all the lights I bumped my head on at Load In to convey seafaring glow through her noteworthy lighting.

Load In tech crew gives their “seal” of approval to the raked stage!

We are just over two weeks out from opening night, so be sure to order your tickets today!


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