As we hurtle towards opening night next Friday, Tech Week is well underway. The Agassiz stage is morphing into the world of 1920s New Orleans under the vision of our set designers Elizabeth Pattyn and Rahul Kulka and the technical expertise of Trevor A. Mullin ’17.

The cast, staff, and board are all working together to ramp up the show process this week. After load-in on Sunday, most of the drops were up and the team began to figure out how to engineer the set change. Ruddigore is one of the more challenging technical shows in the G&S canon with the transition from the street scene of Act I to the Ruddigore mansion in Act II. Those of you who joined us for The Gondoliers last fall will recall the change of scene from the piazzas of Venice to the palace of Barataria, and we hope to enchant you again with two distinct settings! Our talented lighting designer Kat C. Zhou ’17 has been up in the scaffolding all week as the build crew works hard in the set shop downstairs. Our costumes team is in the process of sewing dresses for the gaggle of bridesmaids and clothing the ghosts of Murgatroyds past in spooky garb that will certainly be Halloween appropriate.

Tech week is definitely my favorite part of the show process—the astounding amount of time and energy our talented technicians put into their work is incredible, and we can’t wait for you all to see it soon!

Tickets for Ruddigore can be purchased through the Harvard Box Office or at the door (cash only). The show runs October 30-November 1 and November 5-8, click here for more information about showtimes and receptions.

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