The HRG&SP board of directors is very excited to announce that starting with this spring semester, we will be blogging every Saturday. We’ll be posting with updates from the show, or with more details about the production process for those curious about what goes on behind the scenes of an HRG&SP production.

Written by Kat Zhou

We’re kicking off our Saturday posts with the announcement of the cast list for the spring production of Iolanthe; or, The Peer and the Peri. On Friday, we held our first rehearsal, and much fun was had all around. We are looking forward to seeing where we are in less than two month’s time! We hope to see many of you at our shows.

Without further ado, I would like to announce the cast list for the show!

Aaron Slipper, ’18
Charlie Caplan, ’15
Joey Goodknight, ‘G4
Trevor Byrne, ’17
Rahul Kulka, G1Laura Peterson, ’16
Kim Onah, ’15
Julia Belanoff, ’18
Nina Srivastava, ’18
Alice Newkirk, ’17
Camille Crossot, ’16
Lord Chancellor
Private Willis
Michael Genecin, ’17
Aaron Grand, ’18
Casey Moore, ’18
Nick O’Connor, ’17
DT Wang, ’17
Alex Raun, ’17
Lorena Benitez, ’17
Molly Finlayson, ’15
Ilana Harris, ’18
Tamsin Jones, G4
Sophie Welsh, ’16

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