Modern Major General

David Tripple
Kay and David Kane
Will R. Sype
Joe and Shelly Hamilburg
Gregory and Katherine Shields
Melissa Goldman ’06

Queen of the Fairies

William H. Bean
Dickson Family
Megan and Joe Savage
David and Sara Jewett
Megan Amram ’10
Dana and Alex Lowitt

Baronet of Ruddigore

Alexa Howitt
Edmond Murad
Jonathan Delgado and Catherine Bird
Mr. & Mrs. Erwin H. Miller
Nicholas Szentgyorgyi
Nick Miller
Laura Peterson ’16
Ethan Addicot ’14
Pandora Berman and Alan Bawden
Friends of the Naughty Friend
Dr. Philip L. Goldsmith
Anne Hanford
The Sibble Family
John and Nancy LeGates
Glenn Flierl
Francis H. Duehay and Jane K. Lewis
Neil and Anne Harper
Rick Levy
Maggie, Annie, and Lucy Green
Woody and Mary Chapman
Mark and Kim Michelson
Tweed Roosevelt & Family
Brad Latilla-Campbell
Ryder Kessler ’08
Charlie Miller ’08
Stephen Coit
Dr. Vonda Reeves-Darby
Anna Patel
Dylan J. Nagler ’14
Amelia H. Ross ’14

Lord High Everything Else

Jim and Sandy
Linda and Peter Silverstein
Daniel Wood
BFFF Quartet
Alan Harwood and Margo Welch
Bill and Maureen Bailey, Parents of Rose Bailey ’14
Rose C.M. Bailey ’14
Luke D. Burkhart ’14
Frinde Maher and John McDermott
Robinhood Foundation
Ron and Scout Messer
Tiffany Bradshaw ’10
Elisha W. Erb
Eva Moseley
Elizabeth and Chris Meyer
Same and Avril Ellenport
Lenore M. Dickinson
Carole and Paul
Kenneth and Julie Wiesner
Rev. Brenda Bennett
The Lingner Family
Jane and Peter Newburger
Burt and Daryl Kreindel
Thurman Smith
Bill and Nancy Goodwin
Nancy and Elliot Lilien
Gary and Mary Ellen Stebbins Slutskiy
Dennis and Marianne Tompkins
Charles C. Dumbough
Parents of Bess ’11 and Rebecca ’15 Rosen
Gordon and Mary Jill Harper
Courtney Thompson and Scott DiGiulio
Casey Lurtz
Jessica Galen ’06
Alice F. Hyde ’16
Dave, Sammy, and Emmi Gervais
Eric Padilla ’14 and Angela Berkowitz
Riva Poor and Stan Ryckman
Katie Schick ’10