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The Harvard-Radcliffe Gilbert & Sullivan Players are proud to be the largest independent student-run theatrical organization at Harvard College. Each year, we produce two operettas from the grand canon of Victorian duo William Schwenck Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan.

Our spring production will be H.M.S. Pinafore; or, the Lass that Loved a Sailor, March 27-April 3! A full listing of show dates and times can be found on our Happening Now page. Don’t forget! Our 60th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee celebration will be occurring the second weekend! Stay tuned for the full schedule.

Please email with any questions about ordering tickets for this season’s show.

Any new announcements will be posted right below this!

The Ship Has Set Sail!

By Laura A. Peterson ’16

As of last Tuesday, we officially have a cast for our spring production of H.M.S. Pinafore; or, The Lass That Loved a Sailor! This semester’s cast includes HRG&SP alumni from every production dating back to our November 2012 production of The Mikado. In addition to a strong contingent of veterans, we are thrilled to welcome new performers from all class years to our cast and organization. The cast and directors cannot wait to get started, and we all look forward to a semester full of laughs, new friendships, and beautiful music!

Our cast list can be found below. How many names do you recognize?



Ralph Rackstraw: Alex Raun

Josephine: Olivia Miller

Captain Corcoran: Ben Kelly

Sir Joseph Porter: Kevin Hilgartner

Little Buttercup: Laura Peterson

Dick Deadeye: Brad Latilla-Campbell

Bill Bobstay: Jake Corvino

Bob Becket: Erik Fliegauf

Male Chorus: Richard Feder-Staehle, Aaron Grand, Eli Kresta, Mike Paladino, Kevin Servellon, Norman Storer

Female Chorus: Camille Belanger, Isa Flores-Jones, Emma Kromm, Nicole Leung, Lindsey Ruggles, Alexandra Upton, Connie Zhao


This weekend was full of firsts – first production meeting, first cast rehearsal, and first orchestra rehearsal.

Our production meeting Friday afternoon was the first time that we had most of the designers in one room to talk about the overall aesthetic and technical aspects of the show. We’re all so excited to see the pieces that have previously just been present in email threads come together before our very eyes. Saturday afternoon was the official cast sing-through! The majority of the cast, the directors, the Board of Directors, and a few orchestra and staff members joined in the Horner Room for the traditional first sing-through of the performance. As we have not actually begun rehearsals yet and many are new to Gilbert and Sullivan, the afternoon was full of laughs. The orchestra came together for its first rehearsal under the baton of music director, Jacob Moscona ’16, on Sunday evening. Amidst Superbowl score updates, more than twenty musicians joined to play through the show. This extremely busy weekend was exciting on many fronts, and we can’t wait to see what happens next!

That’s all for this week! Please continue to check our website for show updates, and email with any and all questions about HMS Pinafore or our 60th Anniversary celebration!

Welcome to the 60th Anniversary of HRG&SP!

By Allegra C. Caldera ’17, Producer & Secretary

Over the past weeks, the board and I have been working to plan HRG&SP’s 60th anniversary celebration – our “Diamond Jubilee.”

This festive celebration will align with our second weekend of Pinafore performances (March 30th – April 3rd). Events will include an Alumni Panel, a special talk on “Pinafore in America,” and, of course, our annual Victorian Ball. We hope alumni from all generations will attend, celebrate, and reminisce with us!

For those who are unable to travel to Cambridge, we would love to hear your favorite moments and stories spanning the past 60 years of mischief and patter songs. Please email if you are interested in helping out or contributing a few memories!

Finally, a warm welcome to the cast of HRG&SP’s 60th anniversary show, H.M.S. Pinafore; or, The Lass That Loved a Sailor! As one of the producers, I’m excited to report we’ve just finished a very successful week of common casting. Now, our team is complete – with a full roster of G&S cast veterans and newcomers – and we’re ready to set sail into the semester.

Callback Information

Thank you to all who joined us for Pinafore auditions! Callback lists are available from 10am Saturday 1/30 on the HRDC website.

Before your callback, please take a look at the pieces relevant to the character(s) you were called back for as though preparing for a normal rehearsal. The music will be taught to you during your callback, and there is no need to print the music as copies will be provided in the audition room.

You will need to download the files to your computer to see the full documents due to the limits of the online PDF viewer.




Dick Deadeye


Sir Joseph Porter


Carpenter’s Mate


Male Chorus

Setting Sail with H.M.S. Pinafore

Written by Trevor Mullin

As we depart from our 1920s style Ruddigore, gears are in motion here at HRG&SP in preparation for H.M.S. Pinafore and our 60th anniversary this spring! As we welcome Peryn E. A. Reeves-Darby and Michaela J. Kane on Board, we are very excited for what next semester brings. With experience as both an actor and our most recent stage manager, Peryn has continually been a valuable member of our community. Likewise, Michaela’s previous technical experience and dedication to the organization provides a rewarding addition to our Board. We look forward to working with them more in the future!

As Pinafore is quickly approaching, we have also selected our director and music director for the upcoming semester. With the directorial prowess of Olivia Munk and musical expertise of Jacob Moscona-Skolnik, everyone is in for a high quality theatrical experience! 

With our highly-talented designers and technicians, we are very excited to once again transform the Agassiz stage into a nautical wonder! We hope everyone else is stoked for this upcoming project and keep an eye out for additional updates in the coming months! 

Again, if any alums are interested in being involved in Pinafore for our 60th anniversary, please reach out to the producers at We would love to hear from you! 


Farewell, Ruddigore

Apologies for missing last week’s blog post! This week’s post is brought to you by Allegra C. Caldera ’17, one of the producers for next semester’s production of H.M.S. Pinafore! Thank you all so much for coming to see Ruddigore! We are so excited to start working on Pinafore. See you soon!


Written by Allegra Caldera

What a great weekend! Thank you so much to everyone who attended our production of Ruddigore; or, The Witch’s Curse, and congratulations to the cast, staff and orchestra on a successful run. Closing weekend was long, but rewarding.

Backstage tour led by Raymond W.S. Ng ’17 after the Milk and Cookies Matinee

We had a lively Milk and Cookies Matinee Saturday afternoon. During the backstage tour Raymond W.S. Ng ’17, one Ruddigore’s producers, explained some of the secrets of our life-sized, hand-painted ‘ghost portraits.’ If you, too, want to know how our amazing paint team captured the actors so well, or just how dark it is inside a ‘ghost box’ – well, you’ll just have to come to a backstage tour to find out!

Later on Saturday evening, we hosted a reunion-filled Alumni Night – capped off with the traditional trip to the Kong, for Chinese food and cross-generational conversation. I was lucky enough to sit with several recent alumni, who had inspiring (and cautionary) tales of life and theatre post-Harvard.


Then, Sunday afternoon, we took (well, tore) down the set. All those painstakingly painted muslin drops had to come off the walls sometime! It was bittersweet – but also therapeutic – to bring down in just a few hours the set we’d worked on for weeks. We chopped, swept, folded and drilled our whole set off the stage, right into seven overstuffed trashcans outside back of the Ag. (In case you were worried, though, no ghost portraits were harmed in this Ruddigore strike – all of them have found good homes with actors, designers, or in our own office!)

Well, fall show down…. time to get ready for H.M.S Pinafore this spring!

If any alums are interested in being involved with our 60th anniversary production of Pinafore, we’d love to hear from you – please reach out to!

Set and Costumes and Lighting! Oh My!

As we hurtle towards opening night next Friday, Tech Week is well underway. The Agassiz stage is morphing into the world of 1920s New Orleans under the vision of our set designers Elizabeth Pattyn and Rahul Kulka and the technical expertise of Trevor A. Mullin ’17.

The cast, staff, and board are all working together to ramp up the show process this week. After load-in on Sunday, most of the drops were up and the team began to figure out how to engineer the set change. Ruddigore is one of the more challenging technical shows in the G&S canon with the transition from the street scene of Act I to the Ruddigore mansion in Act II. Those of you who joined us for The Gondoliers last fall will recall the change of scene from the piazzas of Venice to the palace of Barataria, and we hope to enchant you again with two distinct settings! Our talented lighting designer Kat C. Zhou ’17 has been up in the scaffolding all week as the build crew works hard in the set shop downstairs. Our costumes team is in the process of sewing dresses for the gaggle of bridesmaids and clothing the ghosts of Murgatroyds past in spooky garb that will certainly be Halloween appropriate.

Tech week is definitely my favorite part of the show process—the astounding amount of time and energy our talented technicians put into their work is incredible, and we can’t wait for you all to see it soon!

Tickets for Ruddigore can be purchased through the Harvard Box Office or at the door (cash only). The show runs October 30-November 1 and November 5-8, click here for more information about showtimes and receptions.


Written by Emma Adler

Ruddigore; or, The Witch’s Curse, was the tenth penned of Gilbert and Sullivan’s fourteen comic operas. Like all of Gilbert and Sullivan’s works from Trial by Jury onward, Ruddigore debuted at the Savoy Theater, under the auspices of the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company. Premiering in 1887, Ruddigore followed fast on the heels of The Mikado; this would prove to have a detrimental effect on the opera’s critical reception, causing many to dismiss the ghostly comic opera as not on a par with its predecessor. The New York Times review noted: “When the curtain fell there was a hissing – the first ever heard in the Savoy Theatre.”

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Ruddigore Sitzprobe!

Written by Laura Peterson

This past Sunday, the cast and orchestra of Ruddigore joined together for the time-

Ruddigore (15) Sitzprobe 1

The ghosts of Ruddigore sing.

honored tradition of Sitzprobe! With our conductor, Sean Rodan, at the helm, the orchestra played through the entire show while the cast sang along. It is amazing to see how many people return to our productions semester after semester. We as the producers and the Board of Directors were extremely pleased with the progress made by all of the musicians throughout the rehearsal process this far, and we cannot wait to see the strides they continue to make between now and opening night on Friday, October 30.

Ruddigore (15) Sitzprobe 3

The whole orchestra, conducted by Sean Rodan ’17

The camaraderie of the cast and orchestra was evident in the applause that followed each and every number. We could see the eyes of the cast sparkling at the full sound of the overture, and the orchestra members were finally able to hear the vocalists they will be accompanying during the run of the show. Among the cast, there were cheers, smiles, and laughter all around as they watched their friends sing thrilling harmonies and glorious patter songs. For many of them, it was the first time they performed their songs for the full cast and G&S board. New cast member, Brad Latilla-Campbell, flourished in his sight-singing of Sir Roderic. Even amidst a few stumbles by singers and instrumentalists alike, everyone was there to support one another and to work through the trouble spots together. We are all extremely excited as Ruddigore approaches, and we hope you will be able to join us for what is sure to be a bewitching experience!

The Ruddi-staff

Written by Raymond Ng

Behind-the-scenes of Ruddigore are the painters, costumers, designers, builders, and many other staff who work tirelessly to turn a group of college students on an empty stage into the ghosts and townspeople of Rederring. As one of the producers, I’ve had the immense pleasure of working with the staff, meeting many times to ensure that Opening Night will be spectacular. I look forward to sharing what we’ve created!

Here are our dedicated and talented staff:

Senior Staff

Raymond Ng
Laura Peterson
Anne Power
Guan Chen
Sean Rodan
Peryn Reeves-Darby


Stage Director
Music Director
Stage Manager

Designers and Technical Staff

Elizabeth Pattyn
Rahul Kulka
Kathleen Zhou
Alice Hyde
Cassie Lowell
Julia Thomas
Zoë Burgard
Trevor Mullin
Barra Peak
Susan Li

Lauren Reisig
Hunter York
Allegra Caldera
Brad Latilla-Campbell


Co-Set Designer
Co-Set Designer
Lighting Designer
Props Mistress
Co-Costume Designer
Co-Costume Designer
Makeup/Hair Designer
Technical Director
Co-Charge Painter
Co-Charge Painter

Poster Designer
Co-Publicity Manager
Co-Publicity Manager
Orchestra Manager


Susan Li
Brian Cami
Bowen Lu

Kelly McGee
Kevin Yang
Cecilia Laguarda

Michaela Kane
Yasmin Yacoby
PJ LeBlanc

Katie Farineau
Rachel Nafis
Karaghen Hudson
Camille Crossot

Alice Newkirk
Lilly Shen
Rachel Martin


Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager

Assistant Carpenters
Assistant Carpenters
Assistant Carpenters

Assistant Lighting Designer
Assistant Lighting Designer
Assistant Lighting Designer

Assistant Painter
Assistant Painter
Assistant Painter
Assistant Painter

Assistant Costumer
Assistant Costumer
Assistant Costumer


Set Designer Elizabeth Pattyn painting for the set!